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Listed below are just some of the people who have found Mandy a useful service.

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  • Julian Phillips
    Julian Phillips

    "I've found Mandy and 'her' sister site(s) to be very professional, far superior in that arena to various late-arrivals. More than $120,000 earned just writing scripts and screenplays, since 2004, from online, for myself as a freelance. About half of that was probably Mandy money. One of my past Mandy jobs is shooting a low-budget feature as recently as last week. It's not always the money, but it's always the business. You came and you gave without taking. Go for it Mandy." Jp-

  • Twinkle MacInnes
    Twinkle MacInnes

    Really enjoying our time with The Mandy Network. So many opportunities have arisen. Twinkle has been under consideration many times, featured in two short films,one of which has been selected for the Dub Web Fest for two nominations and cast as a virtual teacher for an App company which is global! Already this week Twinkle has been approached with a job offer and under consideration for another short film and it's only Tuesday. Thank you for the wonderful Mandy Network which helps make my daughters dreams come true :)

  • Panic Films
    Panic Films

    Mandy actors is one of the best casting site we've used to find good, professional actors.

  • Sylvia khay
    Sylvia khay

    Sylvia recently get model for Rubik's cube games/toys with good amount of payment. Since then she have been booked with several clients. Thank you & I'm excited to see what the future holds with

  • Haydn West
    Haydn West

    Amazingly easy to use and a great spectrum of talent to chose from. Thank you Mandy!

  • The Gloucester Theatre Company
    The Gloucester Theatre Company

    Very helpful. Thank you.

  • Strickland Coburn Productions Ltd.
    Strickland Coburn Productions Ltd.

    Great response and very happy to cast 2 actors through Mandy.

  • Marianna Michael
    Marianna Michael

    I have found this site one of the most valuable sources for networking, jobs and opportunities.

  • Guts & Glory Films
    Guts & Glory Films

    Great site

  • Bobby Dosanjh
    Bobby Dosanjh

    A massive big thank you to Ultimate Showreels for my acting scene they filmed for me. Kyle and Liam Bashford also known as The Bashford Twins are film directors who will cater for the scene you require. I was provided with a short script that was exactly tailored for the character I wanted to portray. The shoot was in Camden Town, very professional and smooth filming schedule. I received my scene within roughly after ten days. My acting partner was cast by The Bashford Twins to perfection. The scene is now on my showreel time 00:30 if you fancy having a look.

  • Corey Hebden
    Corey Hebden

    Corey and cole fot the 8 year old meets..via mandy. And guess who they met!! They interviewed Gerard Butler!! The video on ladbible facebook has gone viral nearly 5 million views and our local itv central news featured them on lastnights news program. Thankyou Mandy Network!!!

  • Michael OToole
    Michael OToole

    There is a job everyday I can apply to. Wish I could do them all but there are so many I am turning down positions because I am already booked!

  • Sophie Metson
    Sophie Metson

    Sophie just filmed a role for penguin books Christmas campaign , she had such a good day and it was great experience for her , the set was really exciting and she met the director and producer , she had great feedback too , they said she took direction really well and was a true professional, all thanks to

  • Amir Boussobaine
    Amir Boussobaine

    Amir cast for a fun short film.through Mandy last month - he is so happy to be chosen to film next month.

  • static Free Films
    static Free Films

    I'm in the process of interviewing and picking one of the many submissions I got on Mandy. Thanks a lot.

  • Caileigh-anne Lees
    Caileigh-anne Lees

    Caileigh-anne has been a premium member for just over one month and secured her first paid job last Saturday. She successfully applied for the role of a little girl in a Christmas music video for the up and coming Scottish singer Colet Selwyn. She settled into the role with no fuss and took direction very well. Caileigh-anne especially loved wearing her pyjamas and jumping into a big comfy bed and pretending to be asleep whilst her pretend daddy tucked her up. The director, Philip Todd, said Caileigh-anne was a pleasure to work with and would not hesitate to recommend her to others. She definitely came to life in front of the camera, and her expressions were fabulous. Colet Selwyn and his family were also very impressed with her performance and everyone found it amazing that this was her first "proper" acting work. Caileigh-anne's confidence was bumped up no end and we all can't wait to see the final video when it's released around 1st December 2017. Thank you for allowing us to have this experience and we look forward to working on more projects in the future.

  • nightKAP

    I got 10 SOLID responses in less than 15 minutes so will be in touch with all and work with one of them on this spot, but hopefully all of them at some point soon, thanks so much!

  • Anthony Macina
    Anthony Macina

    Simple process, very easy aside from switching back and forth from employer to crew accounts. Good user interface and layouts to help decide on applicants. All of a very high quality, with it tough to call between 3 or 4 out of the 10 for the final project, but we finally settled on someone.

  • Isabella Rivas
    Isabella Rivas

    I never thought these sites would actually work, connecting actors just starting out to producers and casting directors looking for new talent, but, I was pleasantly surprised. After not even a month on Mandy, I booked a lead commercial role and I could not be happier to start the year off right. Thanks Mandy, look forward to many more!

  • Amir Boussobaine
    Amir Boussobaine

    Amir was cast for a fun role on.a short film that he landed the job for thanks to Mandy.