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Listed below are just some of the people who have found Mandy a useful service.

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  • Accelerate Entertainment
    4th Jun 2019
    Accelerate Entertainment

    Great again, thanks, Mandy!

  • shortstories
    3rd Jun 2019

    Great service; thank you. I have found an excellent candidate.

  • Media Brighton
    31st May 2019
    Media Brighton

    Really efficient service and easy to use, found a great actor extremely last minute, very pleased

  • Lindsay Segall
    31st May 2019
    Lindsay Segall

    It's a great service that attracts good people. Many thanks Lindsay

  • 2030 Films
    29th May 2019
    2030 Films

    Thank you very much for allowing us to use Mandy again - it was a pleasure as always! On this occasion, the Director's decided to bring on board a couple of talents he's worked with in the past and that's the reason why we haven't taken any of your amazingly talented actors. However, we know Mandy's always the best reference for sourcing and we'll be back next time! Cheers, Miguel Ramos

  • Tom Ross
    28th May 2019
    Tom Ross

    I think the Mandy UK website is brilliant! It's really good that it's a one stop shop and that you can do a lot within it. Really impressive! Tom

  • William Hadley
    24th May 2019
    William Hadley

    Plenty of quality sound recordists applied, hired one for the job. Thanks! Will

  • Mansta Productions
    23rd May 2019
    Mansta Productions

    Good website I will definitely use in the future.

  • Touchdown Promotions
    22nd May 2019
    Touchdown Promotions

    Had an excellent response and filled the position with one of the candidates that applied As always an excellent service thank you

  • Kate Butterworth
    21st May 2019
    Kate Butterworth

    A great site! I get a quick response for talented people. Thank you!

  • Adrian Landers
    21st May 2019
    Adrian Landers

    I can't speak highly enough of Great service. Mandy. Com are ideal for someone just starting out in the Voice Over industry (like myself) who wants to find those first opportunities.

  • Adrian Landers
    17th May 2019
    Adrian Landers

    Mandy provides a superb service. If like myself, you are taking your first steps into the world of voice overs, I thoroughly recommend you connect to Mandy. I joined only 3 weeks ago but the service I have received has created opportunities and given me hope. And those two qualities are priceless to the aspiring voice over artist. Thank you!

  • Confidential
    15th May 2019

    Fantastic service, would definitely use it again and recommend to anyone looking to crew up! So happy Gina Hall reached out, she was awesome.

  • PhoenixWorks Films
    9th May 2019
    PhoenixWorks Films

    Will do interviews soon. I've found loads of people suitable for this job.

  • WyldeFyre Films
    8th May 2019
    WyldeFyre Films

    As always we managed to find the type of diverse actors we were searching for. Thank you again.

  • Clinger Digital
    23rd Apr 2019
    Clinger Digital

    We hired Kathryn, one of the applicants from Mandy.

  • Jeroen Bogaert
    23rd Apr 2019
    Jeroen Bogaert

    Thanks for the listing. I'll be back! Best, Jeroen

  • Irish Literary Society
    22nd Apr 2019
    Irish Literary Society

    Found an excellent actress

  • Independent
    19th Apr 2019

    Quick response and great candidates.

  • 7 Train Media
    11th Apr 2019
    7 Train Media

    Lots of great applicants, thank you