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Listed below are just some of the people who have found Mandy a useful service.

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  • Saatchi & Saatchi
    9th Apr 2019
    Saatchi & Saatchi

    Really useful and helpful : -) Love Mandy

  • Stormy Studio Ltd
    1st Apr 2019
    Stormy Studio Ltd

    Thanks for the excellent service and countless quality introducitons. This role is now sorted..

  • Raenell __
    31st Mar 2019
    Raenell __

    I quickly obtained individuals interested in this job. I spoke to them, viewed resumes, and arranged a day and time to meet. Lastly, I hired someone from Mandy website. Thank you for making this site easy to use and a winner to finding great candidates. Thank you very much.

  • Createvore
    29th Mar 2019

    We had an incredible number of well qualified applicants and are now contacting people Thanks!

    21st Mar 2019

    i cast about 3 people so thanks. Its the best way to cast. I say STAY OFF FACEBOOK and come to MANDY

  • Michael Slaney
    14th Mar 2019
    Michael Slaney

    I Love Mandy casting. There is always paid work in my area that interests me, I get regular email updates that are suited to my profile. Very happy with the site.

  • Dark Times
    8th Mar 2019
    Dark Times

    Really great website - slick and easy to use with some fantastic and keen talent. Will definitely be back!

  • Video Kickstarter
    8th Mar 2019
    Video Kickstarter

    I'm in touch with a few of the candidates and will be hiring two of them. I've hired actors from for more than 10 projects now and absolutely love the service you provide. Thank you! -Igor

  • Geof Wolfenden
    6th Mar 2019
    Geof Wolfenden

    role now cast after an amazing response!!! was blown away - thanks to everyone - will follow up personally to every response.

  • University of the arts London
    6th Mar 2019
    University of the arts London

    This was a very good site when finding cast members they were all very polite, professional and friendly

  • Motion Gardens
    5th Mar 2019
    Motion Gardens was an exciting way to network - easy to use with a friendly community!

  • Nightpiece Media
    1st Mar 2019
    Nightpiece Media

    Not as large a response as normal but still enough candidates of appropriate standard and still fully cast entirely through Mandy.

  • Moral Victory Productions
    28th Feb 2019
    Moral Victory Productions

    Great, simple website bringing together what I needed and the crew who wanted the job - the 'go to' solution!

  • Burst
    25th Feb 2019

    Thanks as always a great experience Mandy!

  • Jamie Wilson Productions Ltd
    25th Feb 2019
    Jamie Wilson Productions Ltd

    Job has been archived as we want to delay the posting for a little while longer.

  • West Midlands Childrens Theatre
    23rd Feb 2019
    West Midlands Childrens Theatre

    We haven't had our auditions yet but had more than enough suitable candidates and our audition slots are now full hence closing early.

  • Tailored Films
    22nd Feb 2019
    Tailored Films

    Always a great selection

  • Edoardo Romussi
    19th Feb 2019
    Edoardo Romussi

    Found a great candidate!

  • Sixty6Media
    19th Feb 2019

    As usual an amazing set of applicants. Sadly I could only use one!

  • FAITH Drama Productions
    15th Feb 2019
    FAITH Drama Productions

    Thank you! Fast, efficient processing of job and we found a suitable candidate for the job. Kind Regards FDP Casting