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Listed below are just some of the people who have found Mandy a useful service.

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  • SpydrTrak
    12th Feb 2019

    Yes - both roles were filled using Mandy Actors UK

  • Humber College
    11th Feb 2019
    Humber College

    A great first experience! I will definitely use it again in the future!

    10th Feb 2019

    Very quick and easy; job filled . Thank you

  • Dickie & Bea Productions
    9th Feb 2019
    Dickie & Bea Productions

    Using Mandy was an amazing experience and presented so many qualified candidates! It made our process so much easier, and we'll definitely use Mandy again.

  • Michael Fels
    8th Feb 2019
    Michael Fels

    Yes found a great applicant from this add.

  • Broadvision Pictures
    8th Feb 2019
    Broadvision Pictures

    Incredibly efficient and great talent!

  • Accord Choir Edinburgh
    8th Feb 2019
    Accord Choir Edinburgh

    Although we did not have a lot of applicants for the job we posted, we have a positive outcome and now have the vacancy filled. Thank you Mandy Music for this very useful web site

  • Do Good Video Productions, LLC
    6th Feb 2019
    Do Good Video Productions, LLC

    I received a call from a well qualified professional within an hour! He said he saw the job posted on, and accepted the position. Very impressed with the quick turnaround and thankful we could find someone on such short notice. Thank you!

  • Do Good Video Productions, LLC
    6th Feb 2019
    Do Good Video Productions, LLC

    I was surprised and completely satisfied with I needed a videographer to film a live event with only 3 days notice! And after posting my ad to, I got a call WITHIN AN HOUR from a well qualified professional, accepting the position. I'm not only relieved, I'm also impressed with the almost instant positive results. I would absolutely recommend

  • Broadvision Pictures
    25th Jan 2019
    Broadvision Pictures

    This is an incredible site! Please keep up with the good work.

  • OBS Ltd
    24th Jan 2019
    OBS Ltd

    Great job Mandy Voices thank you! : )

  • Museum Of Nothing
    23rd Jan 2019
    Museum Of Nothing

    I will be using mandy again in the future.

  • Big Funk Records
    18th Jan 2019
    Big Funk Records

    Fantastic site. All the candidates looked wonderful and I'm sure each Actor would have brought their own style and talent to my project. I wish I had more parts to fill. Great service. Thank you.

  • Kino Short Film
    10th Jan 2019
    Kino Short Film

    Thank you, very useful as always

  • Mother Mountain Productions
    9th Jan 2019
    Mother Mountain Productions

    Very good response, will use again!

  • Showoff Entertainment
    26th Dec 2018
    Showoff Entertainment

    We found a great storyboard artist for our feature film project! Easy and simple process. Thanks Mandy!

  • Vivien Mason, Student (Royal College of Art)
    21st Dec 2018
    Vivien Mason, Student (Royal College of Art)

    A good experience.

  • skint productions
    21st Dec 2018
    skint productions

    always use mandy as the standard of applicants is the best

  • OTIS Productions
    19th Dec 2018
    OTIS Productions

    I have used other casting sites in the past, and found the results to be disappointing. The number of applicants that responded exceeded my expectations and the pool of talent has made my job so much more for which I'm grateful and I will only use Mandy Actors in the future.

  • Jallas
    17th Dec 2018

    Very pleased