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Listed below are just some of the people who have found Mandy a useful service.

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  • Mason Jar Maggie Miller
    14th Dec 2018
    Mason Jar Maggie Miller

    great service , love the new features - thank you!

  • Angela Godfrey
    10th Dec 2018
    Angela Godfrey

    Great system! Thank you!

  • Barnet and Southgate College
    7th Dec 2018
    Barnet and Southgate College

    Hello, I filled my position for lead girl, thank you kindly for all the applicants that were interested in taking part in my music video. and I hope I get to work with you all sometime in the future.

  • Clinova Ltd
    29th Nov 2018
    Clinova Ltd

    Candidates: Excellent selection of candidates with detailed information available on their past experience. High quality audition tapes received from candidates Selection portal: Easy to use selection portal on Mandy Website. Intuitive and fast. Messages can be sent and received fast with functionality to upload files brilliant Thank you Mandy Actors

  • Carlen Creative
    15th Nov 2018
    Carlen Creative

    Excellent service connnecting us to fantastic talent,as usual!

  • Scratch buit productions
    13th Nov 2018
    Scratch buit productions

    wonderful service will definatly use again

  • S-Crew Productions
    7th Nov 2018
    S-Crew Productions

    I received multiple inquiries within 24 hours. Thank you.

  • Nightpiece Media
    3rd Nov 2018
    Nightpiece Media

    Great experience using Mandy.

  • Ana Caban, Inc.
    31st Oct 2018
    Ana Caban, Inc.

    This is my first time using your site. A friend turned me on to it. Very cool.thanks.

  • The B Tales
    27th Oct 2018
    The B Tales

    hired an actor with thanks

  • Chibuk Inc
    25th Oct 2018
    Chibuk Inc

    Great process managed to fill the 4 slots posted for.

  • Cody Hively
    23rd Oct 2018
    Cody Hively

    I went to a Mandy meet-up in NYC a couple months ago. There I met my agent. If that isn't essential enough, I received my first official offer for a lead role across seas through! I highly recommend this community for all creatives!

  • Guggenheim Productions
    23rd Oct 2018
    Guggenheim Productions

    This site is amazing! I've used it for both hiring and getting work & it is solid. Too bad it isn't a big hit in Denver yet, but hopefully that will change soon.

  • Humber College
    23rd Oct 2018
    Humber College

    Very helpful to find good actors in my student film. Easy access and good contact between candidates and director. Also super helpful information before hand with their application.

  • EDGE TV Productions
    22nd Oct 2018
    EDGE TV Productions

    I posted a job in Mandy LA and hired someone I found of good quality and friendly to work with.

    17th Oct 2018

    So simple to use. Great platform and will use in future.

  • David Ward Films
    16th Oct 2018
    David Ward Films

    Overwhelming response!

  • Button Down
    11th Oct 2018
    Button Down

    First time I've used Mandy - very impressed and will defo use again! Cheers!

  • Nightpiece Media
    10th Oct 2018
    Nightpiece Media

    Excellent perfomer response. Whole cast recruited through site.

  • Still Dreaming Films Ltd
    3rd Oct 2018
    Still Dreaming Films Ltd

    thanks guys. had a great turnout!