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Listed below are just some of the people who have found Mandy a useful service.

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  • Still Dreaming Films Ltd
    3rd Oct 2018
    Still Dreaming Films Ltd

    thanks guys. had a great turnout!

  • Dream Team Theatre Company
    25th Sep 2018
    Dream Team Theatre Company

    Great service for employers. Easy to use.

  • Belle & Bunty
    20th Sep 2018
    Belle & Bunty

    Such a great site. So nice not having to go through a third party. We will definitely be using this site again. Thank you Mandy x

  • Chapter
    18th Sep 2018

    Unfortunately this job fell through, but we were extremely pleased with the number and quality of the candidates.

  • BaeBat LLC
    16th Sep 2018
    BaeBat LLC

    Great job on making the casting process easier; thank you.

  • Once Upon a Time Theatre Company
    16th Sep 2018
    Once Upon a Time Theatre Company

    Thank you once again, you are the only casting platform we use, and every year you take the hassle out of the casting process.

  • Lux Films
    13th Sep 2018
    Lux Films

    Excellent service and very painless. Found some really good candidates! Thank you

  • Paul Mercer Production Services
    6th Sep 2018
    Paul Mercer Production Services

    Great service

  • Sunset Aperture
    5th Sep 2018
    Sunset Aperture

    Excellent candidates

  • The Mill at Sonning Theatre
    30th Aug 2018
    The Mill at Sonning Theatre

    Mandy was very helpful on this occasion helping me to advertise at very short notice and find a suitable candidate. Thank you

  • Kym Stover
    28th Aug 2018
    Kym Stover

    This is always my go-to site for crew! Thanks so much.

  • MDS Management
    28th Aug 2018
    MDS Management

    We've had great success with Mandy and will continue to use it!

  • Three In One Pictures Ltd
    23rd Aug 2018
    Three In One Pictures Ltd

    Nice guy from London, perfect candidate

  • the1896
    23rd Aug 2018

    we a had a couple of people that were quality enough for interviewing for this job. We have not hired yet, but we could end up with a mandy candidate for this position.

  • Levitation Entertainment
    20th Aug 2018
    Levitation Entertainment

    I found a phenomenal DP through who will end up being a permanent fixture in my company not just on the project that I hired him for, but for many years to come! Thank you for having amazingly talented individuals on your site!

  • OBS Ltd
    19th Aug 2018
    OBS Ltd

    THANKS MANDY - another brilliant selection of top candidates. Excellent email tools too...

  • Confidential
    7th Aug 2018

    Very picky client! I love Mandy and have found a lot of great talent here - I even met my husband through a Mandy post 10 years ago!

  • Eden Films Cumbria
    7th Aug 2018
    Eden Films Cumbria

    Great resource for actors to showcase their skills and as a producer looking for actors I found it really helpful.

  • Till Villalobos
    7th Aug 2018
    Till Villalobos

    This was my first time using and I'm very pleased with the experience

  • 168 Wardour Filmworks
    4th Aug 2018
    168 Wardour Filmworks

    Found someone.