TV Show directory - The Bill

A long running UK police drama set in the fictional Sun Hill police station in East London.

Production Company: talkbackTHAMES

Year of Publication: 1984

Companies connected with this show

BBC Fremantle Media Granada ITV LWT Pearson Pearson TV Talkback Thames Television The Bill

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Alternative Names

The Bill (Several episodes), The Bill - 3 episodes, THE BILL 'UP IN SOMKE', The Bill (2 episodes), The Bill ('special' 4 eps), 'The Bill' Ep 083., Bill, The Bill, ITV, The BILL: In The Firing Line, The Bill (Eps 576 & 577), The Bill Game Plan: Part 1, The Bill (2 eps), The Bill - '058', ITV The Bill, The Bill - Long Shadows, The Bill - Look Away Now, The Bill - 'Girls Night Out', The Bill - Tails You Lose, The Bill - Presumed Guilty, The Bill - Volcano, The Bill - ep. 403, The Bill (13/11/03), The Bill (Ep 386), The Bill (ep 492), The Bill- Epic 474 (2007), The Bill- Multiple Personality Disorder, The Bill- Teenage Kicks, The Bill - director Danny Hiller, The Bill - Episodes 626 & 627, The Bill - Just Looking, The Bill - Hidden Depths, The Bill - Out of Hand, The Bill - Screwdriver, The Bill - The Driver, The Bill ( 5 episodes), The Bill- 4 ep special, The Bill- Missing Girl, The Bill (11 eps), The Bill- Teenage Kicks Part 2, The Bill: Let Slip, The Bill: Typecast, The Bill: 397, The Bill: Blood Rush, The Bill: Going Under (#24.29), The Bill. Ep 16., The Bill - Episode 234, The Bill S17 E53, THE BILL series 16, episode 30, Blurred Around the Edges