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THE MURDER MAPS takes you back in time to some of the most shocking and surprising murder investigations in history. In each episode we visit a different era in London's dark past and through dramatic reconstruction we tell the stories of how the killers were eventually brought to justice. As the series progresses we witness how the police deployed more and more forensic methods in the investigations.

Production Company: 3DD Productions

Year of Publication: 2015

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3DD Group

Connected mandy members

Alice Renouf
Alice Renouf
Marie Lacoste
Samuel Woodhams
Fritz Svaars
Penelope Granycome
Annie Chapman
Natasha Atkinson
Mary Ann Cotton
Charlotte Mounter
Polly Nichols
David Hopper
David Hopper
Frank Hogg
Emma Linley
Emma Linley
Kitty Armstrong
Karina Cornwell
Clara Hogg
Daisy Boyden
Daisy Boyden
Ryno Moreau
Iain Stuart Robertson
Samuel Manuel
Peter Malasiński
Peter the Painter
Adam Ayadi
Adam Ayadi
Josef Sokoloff
Gilly Daniels
Grannies Smith
Ian McCurrach
Herbert Armstrong (Episode Lead)
Albert Clogston
Bluebeard/Henri Landru
Emmy Happisburgh
Rosie Alexandra Ashby
Mary McLachlan
Michael Hanratty
Russell Barnett
DS Hillyard
Jamie Montgomery
Spark (Dailies)

Alternative Names

Murder Maps #4, Murder Maps - The Blackout Ripper, Murder Maps 2, Murder Maps - 4 episodes TV series, Murder Maps - Season 2, Murder Maps - George Chapman, Murder Maps (Season 2 Episode 4 - Notting Hill Horror part 1), Murder Maps Episode 1: Marie Manning and the Bermondsey Horror, Murder Maps London, Murder Maps of London - Crippen, Murder Maps SE02 EP03, Murder Maps series 2, episodes 4/5, Murder Maps, Series 2, Murder Maps: John Christie, Murder Maps. Episode 3: Dr Crippen, Murder Maps. Episode 4: "The Brides In The Bath", Murder Maps 3, Murder Maps for Netflix, Yesterday TV, etc., Murder Maps Series 3 Episode 4, Murder Maps - (Netflix, Yesterday), Murder Maps (Series 3), Murder Maps 3, Episode 4, Murder Maps 4 'Shepherds Bush Massacre', MURDER MAPS 5 '', MURDER MAPS S4, Murder Maps Season 4, MURDER MAPS SEASON 5 EPISODE 5, Murder Maps: Jack The Ripper, Brides in the Bath Murder