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Hong Kong, 2012. The 15th anniversary of the reunification with China is coming up. Victoria Philips (Veronica Ferres), a renowned art expert from Berlin, fills in at short notice as curator for an exhibit organized by her husband (Herbert Knaup), head of foreign acquisitions at a major bank. The exhibit is the Haiman Collection, which has never been displayed publicly before. The night she arrives, disaster strikes: Despite tight security, the Haiman Collection is stolen before it even leaves the mainland. Apparently it's already being offered for sale on the black market in Hong Kong. Several powerful Chinese families are interested. The police investigation heats up, Inspector Braddock (Matthew Marsh) closes off the Special Administrative Region Hong Kong. At an art auction, Victoria meets charismatic art lover Edward Lim (Russell Wong), who fascinates her, and who helps her delve deeper into the local art scene. When things take a dramatic turn, Victoria has to decide what side she's on and how her life will go on from here.

Production Company: Teamworx Film and Television Gmbh

Year of Publication: 2013

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  • Valentine Cawley
    Valentine Cawley · The German Ambassador (in German, learnt by ear)
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