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British television detective drama set in Oxford made as a spin-off from Inspector Morse.

Production Company: Granada Television

Year of Publication: 2006

Companies connected with this show

Granada ITV

Connected mandy members

Sebastian Umrigar
Sebastian Umrigar
Development Producer
Runner Work Experience
Sautik Chunilal
Archaeology Student
Richard Rowe-McGhie
Kieko Marsden
Natasha Murphy
Featured role
Rebecca Abbott
Supporting Artiste
Paul Wingrove
College Porter
Peter Marchant
Featured Role
Samantha Lammond
Samantha Lammond
Make-up Artist
Make-up and Hair Assistant
Kara Yui
Kara Yui
University Student
Christie Wright
Oxford Student
Natalie Wilson
Natalie Wilson
Scenic Artist
Scenic Artist
Steve Munroe
Steve Munroe
Pool Caretaker
Entry Wounds
Robbie Lester
SOCO Officer
Claire Tremlett
Claire Tremlett
Costume Designer
Trainee Costume Standby
Tabitha Wady
Tabitha Wady
Ava Taylor (Guest Lead)
Adam Wadsworth
Joshua Grace
Season 7 , Episode 1
Rhianna Hayden
Season 6 , Episode 22
Kirsten Foster
WPC Stapleton
Jennifer Edwards
The Romblin Boy

Alternative Names

Inspector Lewis, Lewis: Down Among the Fearful Part 2, Lewis VII, Lewis The gift of promise, Lewis Music To Die For, Lewis Dark Matter, Lewis (ITV)