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Law enforcement has plans for sociopath Gunter Vogler, a career criminal who is finally collared after a botched jewelry heist. He's given a new identity -- that of a cop he killed -- a badge and a special assignment: Work under cover to take down crime lords TannhȨuser and Racken. With old friends becoming new foes and enemies becoming allies, Vogler is a man on a mission, and the lawmen he's supposed to be cooperating with learn soon enough that now he's more dangerous than ever. The over-the-top action/thriller is created by Alan Spencer ("Sledge Hammer!"), who also serves as executive producer.

Production Company: Bift Productions

Year of Publication: 2012

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Members of Mandy who have had jobs with Cradle to Grave

  • Alyson Marks
    Alyson Marks · Mrs Teddy Arseholes
    • Actors UK
    • Cradle to Grave
    • Manchester
  • Dan Linney
    Dan Linney · Policeman
    • Actors UK
    • Cradle to Grave - Season 1 Episode 8 Episode 8
    • BBC