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This brand new six-part series explores the personal and professional lives of DC Janet Scott (Lesley Sharp) and DC Rachel Bailey (Suranne Jones), both members of Syndicate 9, a division of Manchester Metropolitan Police.

Janet is subtle, reliable and a diplomatic thinker with a wry sense of humour, which makes her the perfect foil for Rachel. She has two daughters and is in a marriage that can often feel like nothing more than a convenient arrangement to both her and her husband. Behind her straight facade is a woman who is capable of infidelity and has suffered an emotional breakdown over the murder of a childhood friend, an event which drove her to join the police force.

Rachel is energetic, impulsive, and bold. Her intuition makes her a great cop, although her boss unfairly views her as a liability. Often burning the candle at both ends, Rachel's spur of the moment ideas and vulnerability often lead to disaster in her private life and subsequent law breaking of her own.

Both competent and ambitious, neither women suffer fools, and despite their obvious differences, they draw on each other's strengths every day to deal with the extreme and horrific crimes committed over love, hatred and revenge.

Production Company: ITV

Year of Publication: 2011

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