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The BRIT Awards, often simply called The BRITs, are the British Phonographic Industry's annual pop music awards.

Production Company: ITV

Year of Publication: 1977

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ITV The BRIT School

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Alternative Names

The BRIT Awards 2007, The BRIT Awards 2008, The BRIT Awards 2009, The BRIT Awards 2010, Brit Awards, The BRIT Awards opening number, The BRIT Awards 2017, The Brit Awards 2016, The BRIT Awards 2015, The BRIT Awards 2013, BRIT AWARDS 2019, Brit Awards 2007, Little Mix Brit Awards 2017, BRIT Awards Live 2015, The Brit Awards 2003, The BRIT Awards 2006, THE BRIT AWARDS 2018, 50CENT: The brit awards, SNOOP & PHARRELL: The brit awards, THE BLACK EYED PEAS: The brit awards, The BRIT awards - Opening ceremony, The Brit Awards (Kanye West), The BRIT Awards 01, The BRIT Awards 03, The Brit Awards 2004, The Brit Awards 2005/2006, The Brit Awards 2006 & 2007, The Brit Awards 2015 - Kanye West, The Brit Awards 2016 Opening Ceremony, The Brit awards launch party