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Period Drama about child labor laws.

Production Company: Darlow Smithson Productions

Year of Publication: 2012

Companies connected with this show

Channel 4 Darlow Smithson

Connected mandy members

Brendan Buckingham
Assistant Colourist
Alexander Peerman
Alexander Peerman
Technical Operator
Technical Operator
Stephen Mawson
demonstration agitator
Janet MacIntyre
Grant Crookes
Bianca Rudman
Season 2
Katrina Sansone
Featured Woman
Season 2 , Episode 3
Rebbecca Convey
Rebbecca Convey
Make-up Artist (Assistant)
Daily work experience
Deanne Williamson
Pump Lady
Season 2
Ernest Vernon
Season 2
Julia Stringer
Mrs Bibby
Alexander Doddy
Thieving Mill Worker
Stacey Cain
Stacey Cain
Colourist assistant
Michael Southcombe
Mill Worker
Richard Banks
Mule Worker
Season 2
Mike Harris
Mike Harris
Knob stick
Season 2 , Episode 2
Rosilyn Ann Southgate
Walk on 3 Apprentice Girl
Esme Evan-Cook
Matt Price
Matt Price
Sound Recordist
Production Sound Mixer
Kelly Joanne Ward
Season 2 , Episode 3

Alternative Names

The Mill - Series 2, The Mill (period drama), The Mill 2, The Mill (6 Episodes), The Mill, Season 2, The Mill Series Two, The Mill (Series 2 - dailies)