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Our pilot follows the story of Charlotte (a struggling actress) who moves to Leeds and starts working in a call centre, selling green products like solar panel roofing and energy saving boilers. It explores her first day at Saint John's Energy, and that's where we meet the rest of the team - her future co-workers.

Year of Publication: 2016

Members of Mandy who have had jobs with Cold Callers

  • Andres Ortiz
    Andres Ortiz · Jamar
    • Actors UK
    • Cold Callers - Pilot
    • Tales Retold
  • Amanda Bailey
    Amanda Bailey · Diane
    • Actors UK
    • Cold Callers - Cold Callers
    • Funky Sputnik Productions and Tales Retold
  • Rich Whitby
    Rich Whitby · Director
    • Crew UK
    • Cold Callers - Season 1 Episode 1 Objestions in the Workplace
    • FSP