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TV Show directory - Urban Myths: Backstage at Live Aid

Live Aid was not only "the day rock 'n' roll changed the world", it was also the source of countless backstage music industry rumours. Backstage At Live Aid is a reimagined story that takes place behind the scenes on that unforgettable summer's afternoon in 1985 as egos clash, hair is sprayed, double denim is completely acceptable and Bob Geldof and long-time personal assistant Marsha Hunt struggle to keep control of the most famous faces of the 80s.

Year of Publication: 2018

Members of Mandy Crew USA who have had jobs with Urban Myths: Backstage at Live Aid

  • Kieran Rose
    Kieran Rose · Generator Tech
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    • Urban Myths: Backstage at Live Aid - Season 2 Backstage at Live Aid
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