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Divorced, Entitled and an Idiot Savant is the story of Jerry Clough, a divorced 50 year old business owner and his two housemates; Ethan, an unambitious millennial and K, a street thug with misplaced aspirations. The comedy aims to tackle issues of aspiration within class systems, mid-life crisis’, the fine line of political correctness and the intimacies of a paternal bond. The three unlikely housemates steal from a notorious gangster named Papa Ratchet and vex him further with every action they take. They unknowingly become his nemeses and through sheer luck and strokes of genius they evade him. Jerry and Ethan are just happy to be alive, but K wants more. K wants to be a kingpin and despite his witlessness his pragmatism is impeccable, but this can only cause more terror for Jerry and Ethan.

Production Company: Naked Beast Productions

Year of Publication: 2018

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  • Tommy James
    Tommy James · Ethan Barnes
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    • Divorced, Entitled and an Idiot Savant - Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot
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