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ITV has commissioned Hartswood Films to make a 6 x 60 minutes comedy drama series Edge of Heaven, which charts life at Margate’s finest (and indeed only) 1980s inspired B&B.

Written by Robert Evans, based on an idea he created with Paul McKenzie, the series follows the organised chaos of the Taylor-Chatterjee family.

Wham! loving Judy runs the Edge Of Heaven guesthouse which is also home to her black pudding breakfast enthusiast husband Tandeep and her two grown up kids – loser in love Alfie and his de-mobbed soldier sister, Ann-Marie.

Edge of Heaven stars Blake Harrison as Alfie, Camille Coduri plays Alfie’s Mum Judy, the feisty landlady of the Edge of Heaven B&B and Nitin Kundra is Alfie’s amiable step dad who is also head cook at the B&B.

Edge of Heaven was commissioned by Elaine Bedell, ITV’s Director of Comedy and Entertainment and Myfanwy Moore, Commissioning Editor, Comedy.

Edge of Heaven is a Hartswood Films production for ITV, produced by Elaine Cameron and Paul McKenzie. Beryl Vertue is Executive Producer.

John Henderson and Sandy Johnson will each direct three episodes.

Production Company: ITV / Hartswood Films

Year of Publication: 2013

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