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Dead Man Weds is a 6-part comedy series shown on ITV on British TV in January and early February 2005 (and repeated on ITV2).

The series was written by Dave Spikey who played the part of Jerry St Clair in Phoenix Nights. It was produced for ITV by the independent producers Red Production Company.

There are two lead parts, one being Dave Spikey and the other being Johnny Vegas.

The series is based on the fictional newspaper, The Fogburrow Advertiser. (The title Dead Man Weds is a typical example of the paper's front page headlines.) New editor, Gordon Garden (Spikey), is determined to shake up the small rural newspaper office. Acting editor and all-round lazy slob Lewis Donat (Vegas) is furious at Gordon's appointment, convinced that the job should be his. Lewis's school of journalism involves going on a break as soon as he gets in, stealing stories from old piles of newspapers and getting the rest of the news from Joan at the cake shop, Cake That.

The show's title was inspired by a headline from the Bolton Evening News.

The series was filmed in (amongst other places) Castleton in Derbyshire.

The production company have announced that the series will not be released on DVD due to problems with copyright clearance for the music used.

Production Company: Red Production Company

Year of Publication: 2005

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