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Ros na Rún is an Irish soap opera produced for Irish language TV channel TG4.

Previously shown on RTÉ One, Ros na Rún begins its thirteenth season in September 2008. The title plays on the double meaning of the Irish word rún, which has a basic meaning of 'secret' but also has a long history as a term of endearment, similar to "honey", "sweetheart", or "darling". Ros can mean either "a wood or wooded headland" or "a headland or promontory", so the title can mean either "Wood/Headland of the Secrets" or "Wood/Headland of the Sweethearts".

Ros na Rún is also shown on WYBE public television in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and on UK terrestrial Freeview Scottish Gaelic channel TeleG with Scottish Gaelic subtitling.

Production Company: Tyrone Productions

Year of Publication: 1995

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