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Prank Patrol is a children's television series currently airing on Discovery Kids Canada & YTV. Each week, Andy and a team of "ninjas" help kids pull off the prank of a lifetime on an unsuspecting victim. With the help of talented experts, pranksters convince victims of big-time pranks like incredible super powers, alien landings, or an intelligent gorilla.

Each week, the ninjas wreak havoc on an unsuspecting public with a different prank. The ninjas drive the van, conduct surveillance, and carry out good, clean pranks not only on the public, but also on the presenter. One week a karaoke machine showers wanna-be singers and the next week a book of magic spells unleashes a spell on unsuspecting readers.
There is also a UK version, which was created by Baker Media for CBBC, and was presented by Barney Harwood. The first series was shown as part of Saturday morning show TMi. The second series was shown on BBC One in early 2008. The Ninjas in this version are played by Jennifer Cooper and Graeme Malcolm.

Production Company: YTV

Year of Publication: 2008

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