TV Show directory - Top Buzzer

Top Buzzer was a British sitcom written by Johnny Vaughan, styled as television's first ever "dope opera". It was shown on MTV in 2004 and later repeated on Five. It was released on DVD on 24 October 2005. It revolves around two small-time cannabis dealers, Lee (Stephen Graham) and Sticky (James Lance), and their customers. Sticky fancies himself to be the next Richard Branson, while Lee aspires to be the Malcolm Gluck of 'Superpot'.

The show lasted for one series which included ten episodes.

Guest stars on the show included Johnny Vaughan himself, Ricky Grover, Howard Marks, Mackenzie Crook, Sean Lock, Edith Bowman, Iain Lee, Bez, Shaun Ryder, rapper and presenter Xzibit, Tony Hawk and ex So Solid Crew member Asher D.

Production Company: MTV Networks Europe

Year of Publication: 2004

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