Susan Barham

  • Actor
    Female / Reading Berkshire
  • Ethnicity
    Age Range
    65 - 75
    1m 80cm (5' 10")
    85kg (187lb)
    Hair Colour
    Eye Colour
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  • Agent

    Shack Artists and Shack Attack


2016None political
Harry Hurd and Bobby Allan
2016Referendum EU
Harry Hurd and Bobby Allan


YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2021 - 2022Sarah
Continence Product-Pure Wick
Natalia. Syam
Square Elephant Productions
The Mayfair Hotel LondonW1J 8LT
2020 - 2021Mother of Bridegroom
Amazon Big Smile Sale
Rob Leggatt
Knucklehead Productions
Kings Cross London
2019 - 2020Sheffield Wednesday Grandma
Sky festive Football
Will McMullan
Sky Creative Agency
2019 - 2020Demonstrator
JML Phoenix Gold Pro Digital
Catherine Campbell
Lakeside Essex
2019 - 2020Grandmother
Jack Brenham
Mind's Eye
Bethnal Green London
2019 - 2020That of two Victims
Film (Docu)
World's Most Evil Killers
Woodcut Media
2019 - 2020Bench Grandma
H.Samuel It Feels Good To Gift
Tony Briggs
Beth Wightman Represents.Ltd.Production team=MarkSummersCasting
Ealing London
2019 - 2020Neighbour
Film (Short)
The Doorstep Library-charity film
Michaela Lowe
The Media Trust
East Dulwich London
2019 - 2020One of a British couple introducing the British way of life to immigrants
Film (Docu)
New to the UK
Ian Phelps
Prestwick Productions (US)
A house near College Green Westminster
2019 - 2020Bernadette--Lead
Film (Short)
Belladonna Grove
Leonardo de Moraes
University of Greenwich
Norwich: Isle of Dogs: East Greenwich
2019 - 2020Featured Back up for Waitress
Name unknown
Battersea London
2018 - 2019Grandmother---Featured
Lidl Christmas Commercial--Snow Cannon
Casting--Stevie. Phillips
Bethnal Green London
2018 - 2019Pub Dancer--Walk on
John Lewis Christmas--Pub Dancer
Casting Director-Stevie Phillips (tiscali)
Academy Films (Adam & Eve)
Hammersmith London
2018 - 2019Resident
Still Photos
Barchester Care Home
Alice Bastik-Ruiz
Blackbridge Communications
Barchester Care Home Wimbledon London SW19 8LR
2018 - 2019One of the three ladies playing bingo-- an unusual interaction
Film (Short)
Bingo ladies
Eirina Alexiu
That Thing
Bingo Hall Eltham Hill London
2018 - 2019Rebecca's Mother--The killer
Film (Feature)
Seven Boxes
Andrew Eltham-Byers
Star Dot Productions
Scout hut-Bracknell
2018 - 2019Joyce Lead
Film (Short)
Who's That at the back of the Bus?
Philip Hardy
Art Omnivores Ltd
Lakeside shopping centre & bus garage Grays London RM20 2ZP
2018 - 2019Iris and Boswain
The Tempest by William Shakespeare
Kisha Fox
The Jorvic Repratory Theatre Company
St. Agnus Church Windsor
2018 - 2019Miss J
Film (Short)
Within Love
Martina. Gluseppone
Production represented by the authors
London SE22 9DF
2018 - 2019Onlooker
Police Training Film for anti terroism
Jodi Williams
British Army- 77th Brigade,Denison Barracks, Hermitage Thatcham
The Market Place Newbury
2018 - 2019Ms. Gilroy
Film (Student)
Life of a Letter
Rebecca Parmiter
Portsmouth University
Various in Horley and The New Forest
2018 - 2019Angie
Film (Short)
Emma Stanley
University of Reading
University of Reading
2017 - 2018Violet--Grandma
Film (Short)
The Hill -The Bird Didn't See it Coming
Asya Segalovich
Asya Segalovich - Freelance
Oxendean Farm, Pentlands, East Sussex BN26 5QN
2017 - 2018Care Home Resident (Photo Shoot)
Still Photos
Barchester Care Home
Hannah Rawson
Blackbridge Communications
Barchester Care Home (Wimbledon London)
2017 - 2018Claire--Lead Female
Film (Student)
Andrew Adams--Masters degree
Dept Theatre/Film & Television.University of York
Heworth Village York
2017 - 2018Mother of Victim of Domestic Homicide-A genuine case
Role Play
Domestic Homicide Review
Rhoda Nikolay
Nikolay Training Services
Penrith Cumbria
2017 - 2018Susan
Film (Short)
Cake Pioneer
Linus Rickett
Linrick Productions
Henley on Thames
2017 - 2018Victtim of Jaochim kroll--Maria Hettgen
Worlds Most Evil Killers
Lloyd Thompson
Woodcut Media
Lakeside County Park Easleigh SO50 5PE
2017 - 2018Mother of Murderer-Jaochim Kroll
Worlds Most Evil Killers
Lloyd Thompson
Woodcut Media
Milestones Basingstoke
2017 - 2018Mollie-Grandmother with Dementia
Film (Short)
Good Girl
Eliizsa Diaz-prior
London South Bank University
Harrow on the Hill
2017 - 2018Christine Bicknell -Victim's Grandmother
Britains Most Evil Killers
Roberto Duque
Woodcut Media
Wessex house Eastleigh SO50 9FD & 17Shaftesbury Ave.Southampton SO17 1SB
2017 - 2018Protagonist
Film (Short)
Marching in Line
Michael Duval
Acting for Camera
The Firs Brimpton Reading RG7 4RJ
2017 - 2018Wife
Film (Short)
Couples Marriage Therapy
Michael Duval
Acting for Camera
The Firs Brimpton Reading RG7 4RJ
2017 - 2018The Housekeeoe
Film (Short)
The Priest and the Housekeeper
Michael Duval
Acting for camera
The Firs Brimpton Reading RG7 4RJ
2016 - 2017Murder Mystery Guest
Jonathan Stadlen
KnickerBocker Glory
Ardington House Ardington Oxfordshire OX12 8QA
2016 - 2017Julie
Film (Student)
Margarita Tsirigoti
Buckinghampshire University
66 Whitelands Rd High Wycombe HP12 3EL
2016 - 2017Mrs T.An elderly woman with early dementia.
Film (Student)
Christopher's Shirts
Isabel Kille Bruun Ndiaye
National Film & Television School
2016 - 2017Elderly lady
Online / Digital
Life of a Trapstar
Valla Saedi and Gomes Garcia
Always hype TV
Wood Green London
2016 - 2017Twitcher
Film (Student)
Cocaine & Cormorants
Alexis. Parrinder-Nicholle
Student production
Flat 4, The Fentons Vanbrugh Park road SE3 7NJ
2016 - 2017Jackie
Film (Feature)
Revd.Dr. Kevin Snyman
Prophet Motive
Manse and Church Staffordshire
2016 - 2017The Patient
Acute Heart Failure
Ginny DiBernardo
Medscape--video vignette
West London Film Studeos
2016 - 2017The Hermit
Film (Short)
The Grove
Scott Bradley
Silky productions
Otley Chevin Forest Park Otley Road Otley
2016 - 2017Noah's wife
Film (Feature)
Acting for camera
Michael Duvall
Acting for camera
Newbury Berkshire
2016 - 2017Wendy
Film (Docu)
Translantic Films
Michael Duvall
Acting for camera
Newbury Berkshire
2016 - 2017Sara Goldfarb
Film (Docu)
Translantic Films
Michael Duvall
Acting for camera
Newbury Berkshire
2016 - 2017Grace
Film (Short)
Acting for camera
Michael Duvall
Acting for camera
Newbury Berkshire
2016 - 2017The Unknown Woman/Mrs. Coorman
Film (Feature)
The Small Woman in Grey
Andrew Eltham-Byers
Star-Dot Productions
Pinewood Centre Wokingham RG40 3AQ
2016 - 2017Daughter of a prospective Cient
Promotional Commercial for Home Helpers Care
James Norbury
Zebrafish Media
High Trees Park Farm Silsley West Stroud GL5 5LD
2016 - 2017Elderly woman voter Granny
Online / Digital
Clear Honest Design
Harry Hurd & Bobby Allen
Bite the Balet Charity
Light Studios 7 prod. Fullham London
2016 - 2017Elderly resident of a care home
Music Video
ack to track / elderly
Steve Whitley
anoffkey world
High Street Kensington London
Film (Student)
Millie Young
Crew H
Staffordshire University
2015Acting the role of Elderly Lady (one of a couple)
Film (Short)
Christmas Cafe
Owain Astles
Pastel productions
Truffles Cafe ,Exeter
Film (Feature)
My Secret Love
Owen Tooth
Quad Derby
  • Education

    2021"Instinctual Acting" -Michael Duval
    2017Valerie Colgan professional Actress Film/ TV/Theatre Director and personal Acting Coach. LAMDA, RADA trained. Director for 17 years now trustee of the Old Vic and Sadles Wells. Training at Instinctual Acting. y

    Additional Skills

    Spotlight Registered under name="Jane" Marcon

    IMDB Credits="7

    State" registered Nurse-retired

    State certified Midwife-retired

    Air stewardess with BA-retired

    Additional Information


    Feature Films

    "Seven Boxes" Role="Mother" of Rebecca-2018

    "The Small Woman in Grey" Role = Mrs.Coorman (Title)-2016 (on sale DVD on Amazon)

    "Talents"-Role= Jackie="2016

    Short" Films

    "The Doorstop Library" Role= Neighbor-2019

    "Belladonna Grove" Role = Bernadette-Lead-2019

    "Bingo Ladies" Role =Lady-2018

    "Whose That at the Back of the Bus" Role="Joyce-Lead" (This won a "Film Festival" Shown in Leicester Sq.- 2018

    "Within Love" role= Miss J.-2018

    "Life of a Letter" Role="Miss" Gilroy-2018

    "June" Role="Angie-2018

    ""The Hill" Role="Grandma" Violet-2017

    "Concrete" Role="Wife," Claire-"2017

    "Cake Pioneer" Role="Susan-2017

    ""Good Girl" Role="Mollie-Lead-2017

    ""Inner wish"Role=Mother-Julie

    "Life of a Trapstar" Role="Elderly" woman-2016

    "The Grove" Role="Hermit-


    "Cocaine and Cormorants" Role="Twitcher-2016

    ""Christmas Cafe" Role="Wife

    ""My Secret Love" Role="Rose


    ""New to the UK" role= British Citizen-(American TV-2019

    "The Worlds Most Evil Killers =(Harold Shipman) Role="Victims-2019" (Jaochim Krole-Roles= Mother and Victim-2017

    "Lookalikes" Role="Murder" House Guest-2016

    "Acute Heart Failure" Role="Patient-2016" (American TV)


    "H.Samuel"-Featured 2019

    "Anchor Butter"- Stand in-2019



    "John Lewis"- Walk on 2018

    Documentaries and role Play

    "Domestic Homicide Review" Role="Mother" of victim-2018

    EU Referendum-"Clear Honest Design-2016


    "Home Helper's Care"-2016

    "JML Phoenix Gold Digital-2019

    Training Films

    "Police Training"-2018

    "Christopher's Shirts" Monologue for NFTS

    Still Photography

    Barchester Care Home-2018 and 2017

    Music Video

    "Life of a Geriatric"-2016

    Theatre - 2015

    " The Tempest" Role= Iris-2018

    •The Importance of Being Ernest. : Playing: lady Brackhall at the WILLIAM PENNY THEATRE., Aldermaston Reading, UK

    •Lucky Sods : Playing: the mother. Directed by Matt Stanley, Sherfield on Loddon, UK


    •Summer end : Playing: Mary Brewer directed by Dan Hamphreys at the WILLIAM PENNY THEATRE, Aldermaston Reading, UK


    •Stepping out : Playing: Mrs. Fraser. Directed by Pat Archer at the WILLIAM PENNY THEATER., Aldermaston Reading, UK


    •An Inspector Calls : Playing: Mrs. Bid. Directed by Steven S Scholes at The WILLIAM PENNY THEATER., Reading, UK


    •Outside Edge : Playing Miriam. Colin Webb at WILLIAM PENNY THEATER., Reading, UK


    •The Weekend : Playing: Virginia directed by: Michelle Middleditch, Reading, UK


    •The Happiest Days : Playing Miss Gossage by Colin W. at WILLIAM PENNY THEATER., Aldermaston Reading, UK


    •Relatively Speaking : Played Virginia, William Penny theatre, Aldermaston Reading, UK


    •Move over Mrs. Markham : Olive Harriet Smythe, Reading, UK




    UK English RP

    I am passionate about acting. I started aged six, playing "Lady Macbeth" to my seven years senior brother;s "Macbeth"! I won the school's acting award for Derbyshire aged thirteen. I continued drama for most of the rest of my life.

    I was trained at The Middlesex Hospital London as a state Registered Nurse and at St Thomas; Hospital London as a State Certified Midwife. I then won a position as a flying stewardess with BA (BOAC) in the glory days between 1965-1973. since when I worked as a domicilary midwife in Berkshire. I am married with two adult sons, one of whom has Downs Syndrome. My hobbies include swimming; cross stitch; reading, listening to music and travelling.

    Nowadays all I want to do is act. I am currently receiving professional training with Michael Duval at Instinctual Acting.

    TV & Reality

    ITV 4 for "Posh Pawn brokers" filmed over 3 days December 2015

    Film & Stage Crew

    About me

    I am focused, disciplined and able to take instructions well, a warm, vibrant and professional actress with a clear cultured RP accent. I have considerable experience having been cast in 43 films, TV and commercials, theatre and corporates with 7 IMDb credits. I am a trained Nurse and Midwife & was also an Air hostess with BA .I take ongoing tutorials with "Instinctual Acting" and work with scripts in front of camera and develop characters based on my own eventful life experiences. I can perform a wide variety of roles. I am Spotlight registered as Jane Marcon. Look forward to hearing for you. any further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Acting experience

    I have had 47 roles in Feature and Short film, one chosen for a Film Festival and shown in Leicester Square, 9 Commercials, Theatre- latest as Iris in The Tempest, Training roles and Corporate in the last 4 years. I have ongoing training at "Instinctual Acting" with Michael Duval

  • Skills

    Skin Colour
    • White
    Languages Spoken
    • English
    Hair Length
    • Shoulder Length
    Perform nude?
    • No
    Stage Combat Skills
    • No
    Driving Licences
    • Standard
    General Singing Skills
    • Chorus
    Native accent
    • English
    DBS checked
    • Yes
    Character Types
    • Intellectual
    • Mischievous
    • Posh
    • Professional
    • Wholesome
    Accents (International)
    • French
    Interested in
    • Commercials
    • Corporate
    • Film (Professional)
    • Film (Student)
    • Improvisation
    • Music Videos
    • Online
    • Radio
    • Roleplay
    • Theatre (Professional)
    • Theatre (Touring)
    • TIE/TYA
    • TV
    • Voice Over
    • Web-Series
    Accents (UK)
    • English, standard
    • RP
    • Yorkshire
    General Dance Skills
    • Ballroom
    • Swing/Jive
    Specific Singing Skills
    • Soprano
    Experienced In
    • Comedy
    • Commercials
    • Film (Student)
    • Radio
    • Theatre (Professional)
    • TV
    • Voice Over