David Gluhovsky

  • Child Actor
    Male / London
  • Age Range
    11 - 13
    4' 9" (1m 47cm)
    Hair Colour
    Eye Colour



  • video file (mov)
  • Additional Skills

    Piano (on Grade 7), Singing (on Grade 6), drums (on Grade 4), competitive Tennis player (county level), beatboxing.

    Additional Information

    Very sporty and athletic. Lively, chatty and like making jokes and laughing with my friends. I love singing, beatboxing, making my own music tracks on computer, or messing around with musical instruments - I have electric drums, 3 guitars and a piano at home. Love travelling with my parents and my little brother.

    About me

    My name is David, I'm 11 years old.

    I was very musical and loved being on stage from a very early age.

    In October 2019 I was cast as Kurt in the Sound of Music musical and was doing the UK and Ireland Tour with the musical from January 2020 until the lockdown in March. I really enjoyed my little dance routine on stage with Maria every show ;)

    I loved the experience with all my heart. The rehearsals, the life behind the stage and actually performing in huge theatres. My premiere was at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre and it was a full house (over 2100 seats) - and the head rush, and performing and the standing ovation at the end - is something I will never forget. Although it was pretty hard work, it was so much fun and the greatest experience of my life so far! Now looking for some new ones - in theatre, TV or film industry.

    I’d be very happy to try more things and gain more experience in acting.

  • Skills

    Hair Length
    • Short to Medium
    Skin Colour
    • White
    Languages Spoken
    • Russian
    Musical Skills
    • Guitar
    • Keyboard
    • Piano
    Specific Dance Skills
    • Disco
    • Freestyle/Improvisation
    • Hip Hop
    Native accent
    • English
    Personal Interests
    • Badminton
    • Cycling
    • Dancing
    • Football
    • Magic
    • Music
    • Singing
    • Skateboarding
    • Skiing
    • Sport
    • Table Tennis
    • Tennis
    • Travel
    • Yo-yoing
    Accents (UK)
    • London
    Accents (International)
    • Eastern European
    • Italian
    • Russian
    Experienced In
    • Children's Theatre
    • Modelling
    • Musicals
    • Theatre (Musical)