31 Pumpkins (Production Company)

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31 Pumpkins Productions was formed in 2004 by Dominic Stephens and Matthew Bartlett. The company was created to write and produce new comedy in a variety of mediums: radio, film, sit-com, sketches - whatever suits the project.

So far our credits include: Lambert (short play), Cock of the Walk (radio sketch show), Holy Smoke (radio sit-com), Deal (short film), Sketched (comedy sketches), Exit (short film) and Travel (short film). We wrote many more sketches than were produced for Sketched, many of which have been produced for Cock of the Walk, with additional material supplied by Mike Shephard and James Kermack.

We're currently working on a new sit-com called The Building Game, a new short film (Lambert) to be produced in 2010 and more sketches for Cock of the Walk 2. We are also writing a feature film script and hope to produce a live show next year.

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Alternative Company Names

  • 31pumpkins productions
  • 31 Pumpkins Productions