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The history of 7:84 begins in the political fervour of the late sixties and early seventies: students rioted in Paris, protesters marched against war in Vietnam and to ban the bomb; there was racial unrest in America, conflict in Ireland and the growth of the feminist movement. At home a successive Wilson and Heath governments caused the political left much anguish.

In 1970, John McGrath, a successful stage and television writer, strongly associated with Liverpool's Everyman Theatre concluded that a new form of drama could help bring about what he considered necessary changes in society, whilst at the same time removing the bourgeois institutions that dominated the theatre.

He formed a new company in England, 7:84, and mounted a production of his play Trees In The Wind at the Edinburgh Festival in 1971. It was a hit and two years of widespread touring, playing to an enthusiastic audience followed.

Founder John McGrath, his wife Elizabeth McLennan and her brother David McLennan, were determined to establish a Scottish company, able to relate to the distinct historical, cultural and political traditions that existed in this country.

Thus in 1973, 7:84 Scotland was born.

Notable performers include:

  • David Tennant
  • David Paisley
  • Bill Paterson

The companies 35 year sadly came to an end in 2008, despite earned a reputation as one of Scotland's national theatre companies. The company shut its door citing "the changing funding structures in Scottish theatre."

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Alternative Company Names

  • 7:84 theatre co.
  • 7:84 theatre co
  • 7:84 theatre
  • 7:84 tc