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Actors at Work Productions aims to make films that are high quality, ambitious and appealing to larger audiences.

Actors at Work Productions is based in Cambridge, UK and was founded by Kate Madison in 2003 as a banner for various creative projects linked mostly to Stage and Film work. Early work involved filming theatre shows, editing them and creating high quality DVDs of the productions, along with behind the scenes extras. Actors at Work's first narrative short film was shot in July 2005 and is available for purchase on DVD.

Connected mandy members:

Kate Madison
2009, Born of Hope, Elgarain
Emily Stuart
Costume Designer
2009, Born Of Hope, costume supervisor
Michele Caruso
Sound Recordist
2009, Born of hope, sound recordist, dialog editor
Kelly Downes
2009, Born Of Hope, Orc Warrior
Tom Ellis
Make-up Artist
2009, Born of Hope, Assistant Head of Prosthetics
2009, Born of Hope, Orc Stunt Fighter
2009, Born of Hope, 1st AD
Justus De jager
Director of Photography
2009, Born of Hope, Director of Photography
2009, Born of Hope, Thrackdar
2008, The Hunt For Gollum, Orc Warrior
2008, Born of Hope, Halbaron
Emily Stuart
Costume Designer
2008, Born of Hope, Wardrobe Manager/Costume designer
2006, Born of Hope (Lord of the Rings), Mallor

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Alternative Company Names

Actors at Work, Actors at Work Films, Actors At Works Productions, Actorsatwork Productions