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AWP was established in 1982 by Daniel Pageon and Sylvia Hensel. Daniel and Sylvia both previously worked for the BBC, and decided to use their pooled knowledge to start this multi service company including actors representation, translation and production services.

Connected mandy members:

Andy Weekes
Stills Photographer
Ruth Sillers
Voice Over: English
2020, Amy Johnson Museum, Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson Museum
Grace Solero
Voice Over: Italian
2019, Lil Gleemerz, Female with a youthful teenage voice.
Chiara D'Anna
Voice Over: Italian
2018, Internal Training, Dr Rossi Pharmaceutical Company Rep
Kinue Kato
2018, GCSE training, Narrator
Sibylla Meienberg
Voice Over: English
2018, Collins GCSE German, Listening Practice, Teenage Girl
2017, HONG KONG DRAGON AIRLINES, Inflight Announcement
Cornelia Colman
Voice Over: English
2017, Farmers rights in Malawi, Narrating & reading interviews relating to farmers rights regarding government seed policy in Malawi
You-Ri Yamanaka
Voice Over: Japanese
2017, CATHAY DRAGON AIRLINES, In-flight Announcement
Ruth Sillers
Voice Over: English
2016, Letts GCSE Computer Science, Narrator
Owen Frost
2016, HMS Victory Audio Tour, Lieutenant Lewis Roteley
Jonathan Johns
Voice Over: English
2016, HMS Victory Audio Tour, John Pollard
Hanna Luna
2015, James Bond - Spectre, ADR for opening scene
2014, TOMY, French voice for 'Bunny Bus' (toy)
Brigitte Sawyer
Voice Over: French
2013, Recordings for GCSE/A level exams, Narrator
Lucy Lawson
2013, Norwegian Language Training Course, English Voice Over Artiste
Lucy Lawson
Voice Over: English
2013, Norwegian Language Training Course, English Voice Artiste
Julio Galan
Voice Over: Spanish, Latin-American
2011, VOLVO "CARE TRACK", Character
Maria de Lima
Voice Over: Portuguese
2011, Vodafone, General Manager

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Alternative Company Names

Actor's World Limited, Actors World Production, Actors World Productions, AWP