All The Pigs Theatre Company

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allthepigs is theatre for the audience.

We started allthepigs theatre company in the summer of 2010 just as we were graduating from Drama School.

Inspired by a love of theatre, we wanted to prove to the world that live arts can reach people. We felt we had seen so many productions that were lazy or safe; built upon ticket sales rather than soul. From here we begin...

We want to broaden the range of people who go to the theatre, because we have seen the power theatre has to please, move or inspire. We aim our work at ordinary people - people who may have something to say or simply would love to see something on stage - and we make it happen! The audience is part of the action!

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    Alternative Company Names

    • allthepigs
    • All the pigs theatre
    • All The Pigs Theater Company
    • All the pigs