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Ambit New Media provide quality Internet resources,
Design, Video and Multimedia.

For an overview of our four main areas of activity select one of the main categories to the left. Alternatively, our record speaks for itself and the Portfolio menu will take you directly to particular markets in which we are currently active. We hope some of these will catch your eye.

Our goal in life is to help you gain the maximum benefit from your work by exploring the most appropriate types of media for your specific situation. We have extensive experience in all the fields in which we work and a strong history of client satisfaction.

There are two particular items on our agenda at the moment.

This word has been floating around for years in the corridors of digital media - Bill Gates and others spoke and wrote about it a long time ago. It seems they were right, if a little premature.

Recently we've found increasing demand for a convergent approach - for example, making a legacy database available via the internet, or setting up web streaming video in parallel with DVD distribution. If it sounds like something that could help you, get in touch.

When convergence really works, information is more freely available to those who need it, and a more consistent profile is presented to the outside world - most importantly to our particular niche or market place.
Added Value

The integrated approach made possible by convergence can add value to all kinds of resources - such as web sites or print - through common themes. This approach can also enhance events such as meetings, seminars and conferences through the use of linked video and multimedia. Look for the ADDED VALUE label in those sections.

Contact us through our lo-call number, or e-mail us, for more information on any of these topics, or on any issue that may be relevant to you at present.

If you are not already one of our clients, we hope to have the privilege of working with you.

Connected mandy members:

Joe Hughes
2014, William HIll, Store Manager
William Hill Store
Marie Ekins
2010, Post Office Selling Up (VIDEO), Clerk
Dannie Pye
2009, Co-Operative Training Video, Underage Teenager
2008, Mothercare Training Video, In store Thief
2007, Respect And Compromise, Scottish Boss

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