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We are the UK’s first and most experienced scare entertainment production company; and the only team with a heritage of high impact, audience focussed, interactive and passive entertainment solutions, which leave audiences of all ages screaming for more.

The company was the brainchild of Creative Producer Jason Karl and Technical Producer Paul Howse in 2000 when, after seeing the potential of bringing this already established American industry to the UK, they began development of a company that could successfully introduce the concept of scare experiences to a new country and audience. After assembling a diverse team of creative individuals with skills in theatrical design, television and film production, special effects, performance, event management and marketing, AtmosFEAR! Scare Attractions quickly became uniquely placed as the premier independent location based scare attractions producer for the UK leisure market.

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The uniquely qualified 'Scream Team' behind AtmosFEAR! Scare Attractions have over 15 years professional experience creating scare entertainment experiences. Since 2000 we have scared the yell out of an impressive list of blue chip clients including Walt Disney Pictures, Virgin Active, Merlin Entertainments and Mars. Having entertained many thousands of guests and increased visitor numbers at some of the UK’s most well known tourist attractions, we know how to design, budget, construct, market and operate a successful overlay or custom entertainment solution at your host venue. Our flair for scare puts us at the top of the list in the production of location based theatrical horror.

By combining real historical locations, haute cuisine, detailed visual theming, tactile effects, sounds, animatronics, prosthetics and live acting talent, we are able to deliver an interactive entertainment experience like no other. Our attractions and productions have strong back stories, theatrical illusions and themed environments which allow the audience to temporarily immerse themselves in fantasy situations where escapism, exhilaration and fun are top of the agenda.

As a multi-element entertainment company we are able to offer a variety of experiences and entertainment solutions from large scale public extravaganzas to corporate events and children’s adventure shows. With few limits on geographical location, audience demographic or budget, we can imagineer and produce entertainment solutions that can operate at theme parks, shopping malls, restaurants, heritage properties, museums and even private houses.

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