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Based near Guildford, we are a newly reformed theatre company dedicated to producing good work on a budget!!!.

Bacchae was sent up by Samantha Dent independently with the production of classical plays in mind. The idea was Bourne out of both the difficulty and frustration of achieving suitable parts as a performer, the enjoyment of directing classical text as well as the freedom that comes with your own productions. Samantha studied on the three year acting course at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in Wandsworth, which she completed in 1993. After spending a couple of years in the industry, she decided to embark on a degree to be able to understand her craft from a literal angle. She studied English with drama and theatre studies at University of Surrey Roehampton, and upon completion in the summer of 1998, produced and directed a production of Aristophanies 'The Frogs' in the Bandstand in Marton Abbey Mill Wimbledon as part of the AbbeyFest. This was followed in 1999 by 'Cloud 9', in the Colourhouse Theatre in Wimbledon. Also in 1999, again as part of AbbeyFest 'Taming of the Shrew' was produced in the bandstand. Shortly after a piece of new writing in the Colourhouse again, 'Good Vibrations' a comedy.
Samantha has produced all of the shows for Bacchae and directed half of them. After a few years away having her first child and re-locating to rural Surrey, Bacchae produced a showcase for actors entitled 'An Actors Suitcase' performed at the Club for Acts and Actors in Covent Garden in 2003 and again in 2005 with 'An Actors Briefcase'. 'Cloud 9' is repeated again for good measure in 2011 to springboard both Bacchae and Samantha into production after a significant gap away due to bringing up her two children. Hopefully, Bacchae (and Samantha) are now here to stay!!

Connected mandy members:

2021, The Duel in the Dark, Mr Greenfinch
The Bread and Roses
2021, The Area Belle & Duel In the Dark, Various (The Wooers)
2021, The Area Belle, Pitcher
Guildford Fringe
2021, Area Belle and Duel in the dark - Two Victorian Farces, Mrs Croaker (Area Belle), Betsy (Duel in the dark)
Nomad Theatre, Guildford Fringe, Bread and Roses, Drayton Arms
2021, A Victorian Farce Double Bill: The Area Belle & A Duel in the Dark, 'Tosser' in The Area Belle, Director of A Duel in the Dark
Various Venues in Surrey & London
2021, A Duel in the Dark, Mrs Greenfinch
Guildford Fringe
2021, A Duel in the Dark, Countess du Rambuteau
Guildford Fringe
2021, A Duel in the Dark, Charley Bates
Guildford Fringe
2019, Summer Dream, Titania
2018, The Area Belle, The Missus
The Star Pub Guildford
Amelia Greco
2018, The Area Belle, Penelope
Guildford Fringe Festival
2018, The Area Belle, Pitcher
2018, Area Belle, Mr Chalker, the Milkman
2012, Cloud 9, Betty/Edward
The Mill, The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre
2012, Caterbury Tales Made Modern, MC
2012, CANTERBURY TALES, Made Modern, Reeve, Arcite, Dick, Nicholas, King
Tony Burden
2012, Canterbury Tales Made modern, The Miller plus a Role in each Tale
Outdoors venues in Sussex and Surrey
Hazel Bawden
2012, Canterbury Tales Made Modern, Wife of Bath/Palamon/Mrs Simpkins
Yvonne Arnaud Studio Theatre
2012, canterbury tales, theseus/merchant/john the carpenter/shopkeeper/third woman
studio theatre yvonne arnaud guildford
2012, Canterbury Tales, Knight / Hag / John / various
Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Mill

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