Big Brush Films (Film and TV Production Company)

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BIG BRUSH FILMS was established in 1992 by MARK WITHERS (Writer, Director, Producer, Dog Walker) whilst still attending the now defunct Batley Film School in Yorkshire, UK.

Co-partners at the time were fellow students and life long friends;
ROBERT MAGUIRE (Special F/X, Actor, Camera Operator, Skater, Drummer) and LOZ PYBUS (Sound Recordist / Engineer, Musician, Documentary Host)

BIG BRUSH FILMS found it's name after Withers first 'controversial' student short, 'The Big Brush' - inspired by Martin Scorsese's little seen early work 'The Big Shave'. At the end of year show, a special peep show style booth was built around the video monitor looping 'The Big Brush' to protect the easily offended who may unwittingly cast their eye over this gruesome art.

After graduating top of his class in 1994, Withers continued to make films without the aid of Maguire and Pybus, though both remain noted as a part of the pioneering trio .

After three relatively quiet years, the highlight being EMILY a prettily shot 'poetry in motion' short film, Withers moved to the South Coast of England to direct his first feature film DARKTAILE.

'Employing' far more voluntary actors and crew members than ever conceived and mis-calculating the amount of film stock required, DARKTAILE was almost three and a half years in the making.

Once again, Withers had produced a 'controversial' film; one which this time would find itself banned from screening to adult audiences in cinemas throughout certain UK towns.
Typically, as with many a low budget picture, back-end finance for publicity was scarce and word of mouth was heavily relied upon by those, and there are some, who appreciated this 'nigh-discovered minor modern classic'.

In early 2002 an almost brand new voluntary cast and crew were assembled to make the experimental digital feature MONEY SHOT.

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