Birmingham Opera Company

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Born of a passion and a belief that opera can speak directly to all kinds of people, Artistic Director, Graham Vick, set out to create a company that the people of Birmingham – a city of many peoples – could be proud of.

This means creating and staging opera in unpredictable and unusual places close to the streets of the city. It means opening the doors and inviting people in to watch you work and to work with you. This means sharing great art with great people. It’s a different way of making opera.

We don’t have an opera house and we don’t work in conventional theatres. We conjure our theatres out of spaces used for other purposes or maybe just abandoned. A brief period of illumination and then we move on – not tied to bricks and mortar nor tied to having a big organisation. By having only 3 people working full-time from a single office in the Jewellery Quarter we can reinvent the company for each project. This way the company exists to make the art and not the other way round.

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    Alternative Company Names

    • Birmingham Opera/London 2012
    • Birmingham Opera, dir. Graham Vick