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Black Ram is a new theatre company set up by a group of young theatre professionals, committed to delivering the very best in entertaining and engaging drama. It is our goal to create a totality of experience on stage, through the combination of sophisticated scripts, nuanced performances, detailed sets, expressive lighting and evocative music. Before you we present a representation of life, or something like it, for you to both recognize and question. During our shows, we aim to show you something familiar, and yet raise questions about it, generating a resonance between performance and viewer, so that when you leave, the effects of our theatre linger, and encourage you to return.

Black Ram specialises in taking famed works and revitalising them for the modern audience, whilst staying true to the playwright's original intentions. We are based in Norwich, and tour around the local East Anglian area, bringing big shows and famous work to places that might not normally get to experience it. We care greatly for regional theatre, and are working to bring it back into the mainstream, so that in the future it may equal London's choking hold on the art form. With about 20 actors, directors, writers and stage crew involved in Black Ram, all passionate about making quality entertainment and drama for the local community.

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Alternative Company Names

Black Ram, black ram tc, black ram theatre, black ram theatre co, black ram theatre co., Blackram