Blakeway Productions (Film and TV Production Company)

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Blakeway is a leading independent producer of television and radio documentaries for the UK and international markets. Since the company was founded in 1994, the Blakeway team has produced hundreds of hours of prestigious programming for the BBC, Channel 4, More 4, ITV1, Five and Sky in the UK and leading US broadcasters including PBS, National Geographic, HBO, The History Channel and Discovery.

Blakeway Productions was set up by Denys Blakeway in 1994. Ten years later, the company was bought by Ten Alps PLC. In 2007 it merged with 3BM Television and Ten Alps TV, bringing together strong track records of successful production across the genres of documentaries, docudramas, current affairs and factual entertainment formats.

Blakeway has produced numerous blue chip documentaries for major British and international broadcasters. Critical and ratings successes include ‘The Queen's Story’ for ITV1, ‘Hidden Treasure Houses’ for Five, ‘Rivers of Blood’, ‘1929: The Great Crash’, ‘Fighting Passions’ and ‘Going Postal’ for the BBC and ‘Unseen Gaza’, ‘Children of the Congo’, ‘Afghanistan:Mission Impossible’, ‘The Secret of the Austrian Cellar’ and ‘The Gangster and the Pervert Peer’ for Channel 4.

Fiona Stourton joined Blakeway as an Executive Producer from the BBC in 2006, bringing an expertise in current affairs to Blakeway’s documentary portfolio. Since joining Blakeway, Fiona has been responsible for a slate of high profile current affairs commissions. In 2008 Fiona was appointed Managing Director of Blakeway Productions while Denys Blakeway remains Chairman of the company he founded fifteen years ago, concentrating on creative development and programme production.

In 2008, Blakeway opened Blakeway North, it’s Manchester base, headed up by Sarah Murch, award winning Executive Producer hired from Granada. Sarah has hundreds of hours of programming under her belt and credits with all major broadcasters including Sky, C4, BBC, ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, Five, Discovery Health, TLC and TRIO.

In 2006, Blakeway started making radio documentaries for BBC Radio 4. Previous programmes include 'Writing the Royals', 'Royal Tours', 'Rocking Scots', ‘’, ‘Cold Case', ‘Head to Head’ and the ‘The Clinton Years’, presented by Gavin Esler.

The many awards that Blakeway have won include:

The Royal Television Society’s Best Documentary Prize
The Guild of Press Critics Programme Award
The Peabody Medal
The New York Gold Medal
The San Francisco Golden Gate Award
The Television and Radio Industries Club Award
The Sandford Merit Award.
Radio Times Readers Award
Pact Indies Award
Grierson Documentary Award
Emmy Award
Bafta Television Award

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