Blast! Films (Production Company)

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Blast! Films was established in 1994 for the production of high-profile, distinctive documentaries about compelling human stories around the globe. Documentaries are still at the heart of what we do, but as we've grown, we've come to work in a range of different genres particularly drama documentary, opera, TV drama and feature films.

Whatever we do, we try to make sure that our core values remain the same. We think the best film and television bears the imprint of a vision and our most memorable work bears this out.
Penny Woolcock's drama made on a Leeds housing estate Tina Goes Shopping or her opera The Death of Klinghoffer.

We want to continue to put the film-maker at the heart of what we do. We want to continue making drama and television that innovates and breaks boundaries and plays at the heart of the television schedule. We want our work to be popular, noisy, honest - and original.

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    Alternative Company Names

    • Blast! Films/Channel 4 Films/Film Four
    • Blast!
    • Blast Productions
    • Blast Films/Channel 4
    • Blast Films for BBC
    • Blast Films and Channel 4 Films
    • Blast films