Blue Shadow Films

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Merlin Merton: Producer.
Will Kee: Director.
Alex Masfield Martinez: DP.
Merlin, Alex and Will have worked a lot together on student projects. They have put together a highly professional team to form Blue Shadow Film Productions. They are using their first fully professional production (Gift From God)as a launch pad to gain recognition in some of the major international film festivals. Blue Shadow is currently commissioning a twenty minute short and a feature film that will go into production in September.

Connected mandy members:

Andy Chaplin
2019, Cranley Gardens, Detective Blair
Hassaan Menk
2019, Cranley Gardens, Electrician
Sam Halpenny
2019, Cranley Gardens, Dennis Nilsen
Chelsey d'Adesky
2019, Cranley Gardens, Art Director
Michael Desimone
Production Assistant
2018, Cranley Gardens, Production Assistant
Francis Quigley
AD (1st)
2018, Cranley Gardens, Runner
2017, The Actress, Audience Member
2017, Butterfly Kisses, News Reader
Charlotte Loudon
Costume Designer
2016, Butterfly Kisses, Costume Designer
2016, Butterfly kisses, Halloween kid
Charlotte Loudon
Costume Designer
2015, The Bigger Picture, Costume Designer
Charlotte Loudon
Costume Designer
2015, Spitball, Costume Designer
Charlotte Loudon
Costume Designer
2015, Red Christmas, Production Designer
Charlotte Loudon
Costume Designer
2015, I'm All Right, You All Right?, Costume Designer
2014, Red Christmas, Brother
Ray Bull
2013, Gift of God, Shamus
2013, Gift From God, Janet Montgomery
2009, If Not Now. When?, Priyanka
2009, If Not Now, When?, Barmaid
2009, If Not Now When?, Alex
Notting Hill, London

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