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Boomerang+ comprises a group of companies whose activities include programme production, post-production services, television facilities and talent management.

Boomerang Plus plc is incorporated in England and Wales under the Companies Act 1985 with registered number: 2936337 and its business is conducted principally in the United Kingdom.

Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

Sion Roe
2020, Truth About Your Gut (Channel 4), Camera Operator
Nicholas Loader
2020, Trapped in an Elevator, Series Producer/Director
2020, Happy Happos, Principle Girl
Nicholas Loader
2020, Eaten by an Escalator, Series Producer/Director
Julia Fossi
2019, La Templanza, Hudson the Maid
Madrid, Spain
Sam Miles
Director (Self Shooting)
2019, Extreme Cake Makers, TV Producer / Director
Em Turner
2019, Big Zuu's Big Eats, Camera Assistant
Florence Rosen
Production Co-ordinator
2018, What Would Your Kid Do?, Production Secretary
Beth Stander
Researcher (Junior)
2018, What Would Your Kid Do?, Casting Researcher
Amelia Moody
2018, What would your kid do, Contestant
2018, What would your kid do, Contestant
2018, Laugh Yourself Silly Campaign, Laughing child
Mount Pleasant Studios
Iria Becerra Quintana
2018, El Secreto de Puente Viejo (Old Bridge's Secret), Assistant Screenwriter on set
William Grant
Researcher (Junior)
2017, What Would Your Kid Do?, Researcher
Molly Dennis
Writer / Director
2017, To Be Confirmed, In Production, Technical Runner and Camera Assistant
Ian Marai
2017, The Clare Balding Show, Video Editor
Matthew Freddura
2017, Star Boot Sale, Location Runner
2017, Extreme Cake Makers, Casting Producer
Annalisa Orlando
Production Assistant
2017, Extreme Cake Maker, Runner
2016, Stripdate, Instructor
Bar 6 Birmingham

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Alternative Company Names

Boomerang, Boomerang Productions