Bred in the Bone

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BRED IN THE BONE are a gathering of theatre makers from England, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Poland and Spain dedicated to bringing together and exploring their diverse theatre traditions.

Our work is rooted in the actor and derives from dedicated training, exploring and expanding the research on the actors’ craft.

The international nature of the company is fundamental to its identity, from which we seek to enlarge our understanding of each other’s culture, looking for what is common in who we are. Our influences are as varied as Peter Brook, Annie Castledine, Complicite, Jerzy Grotowski, Theatre du Soleil, and Anatoli Vassiliev, to name only a few, who’s work is inspirational to us.

We do not intend to develop a particular type of aesthetic or form of theatre but rather use within our productions a dialogue between our theatrical cultures best suited for the moment we are exploring.

Core Team
Baerble Ashenberg - performer
Dara Clear - performer
Colin Ellwood - director/dramaturg
Rafał Habel - performer/musician
Jeremy Harrison - musical director/performer
Anna Mors - director/dramaturg
Daniel Gott - musician/performer
Krystyna Krotoska - performer
Matthieu Leloup - artistic director/performer
Rodrigo Alonso Miranda - acotr/workshops and training
Tanya Munday - Teacher of Acting Technique/Performer
Darek Szymor - performer
Stanisław Krotoski - producer Unreal City
Keiko Yumagushi - performer/musician
Amanda Collins - director/stage manager
Gudbjorg Huldudottir - performer
Alex Scott - performer/musician
Arnie Gretar - director
John Ward - director
Marcin Rudy - workshop leader

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    • Bred In the Bone Theatre Company