Brian Timoney Actors Studio

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The Brian Timoney Actors Studio is an actors studio with a difference. Its about developing real actors delivering real and convincing work. The techniques used are under a foundation of the method by Lee Strasberg.

Connected mandy members:

2022, BAR NONE, Philip
2022, A Streetcar Named Desire, Blanche
2021, Top Girls, Marlene
2021, Timoney method acting, Student
2021, The Proposal, Natalya
2021, THE BEAR, Grigory Stepanovich Smirnov
Kevin Hughes
2021, NOT MOVING IN, John
2021, Life X 3, Sonia
2021, BETRAYAL, Jerry
2021, Betrayal, Emma
2021, Bar None, Stacey
2021, ART, Serge
Anya Vallentin
Script Supervisor
2021, Actors Showreels, Script Supervisor
Penny Tomai
2020, THE ARTIST, Fay / Lead
2020, New Beginnings, Sue
Keren Akrigg
2020, Congratulations?, Kerri
Keren Akrigg
2020, Closer, Alice
The Century Club
Jessica Hof
Script Supervisor
2020, Brian Timoney Acting School showreels, Script Supervisor
Penny Tomai
2020, ABSENT FRIENDS, Evelyn / Co-Star

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Alternative Company Names

Brian Timoney, Brian Timoney Acting School, Brian Timoney Actor Studio, Brian Timoneys Actors Studio, Brian Timonys Acting Studio