Bronowski Productions

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Bronowski Productions are a London based music and theatrical producing house that work closely with the leading classical symphony orchestras for 'special programming' and promotion of music, concerts and corporate events - worldwide. The company focuses on opera concerts, classical and musical theatre productions with leading international performers. Promotions are made in association with the major symphony orchestras and international music festivals throughout the world.

Bronowski Productions have become experts at programming music from the 'jazz' era and the American Songbook repertoire for symphonic concerts, focusing on the works of George Gershwin, Leonard Bernstein, Kurt Weill and Cole Porter.

Connected mandy members:

2014, Hairspray the Musical, Mr Spritzer; Mr Pinky, High School Principal; Guard
Macao Cultural Centre Grand Auditorium
Sam Cox
Wig Maker
2014, Hairspray the Musical, Head of wigs
Macau arts center
Pippa Winslow
Singer, Actor
2014, Hairspray (Macau), Velma
Jason Denvir
Set Designer
2014, Hairspray, Scenography Associate
Ali Wade
Company Stage Manager
2014, Hairspray, Deputy Stage Manager
Macao International Music Festival
Noel Samuels
2014, Hairspray, Seaweed J Stubbs
Macao Cultural Centre
Diana Hudson
Makeup Artist
2014, Hairspray, Wig and Makeup Supervisor
Alessandra Morgante
Wardrobe Assistant
2014, Hairspray, Wig Assistant
Philippa Batt
Costume Supervisor
2014, Hairspray, Wigs Assistant
Macau, China
Phil Gleaden
Stage Manager
2014, Hairspray, ASM
Macau Cultural Centre
Leah Sams
Set Designer
2014, Hairspray, Design Assistant and ASM
Alessandra Morgante
Wardrobe Assistant
2014, Hairspray, Wigs Assistant
Jason Denvir
Set Designer
2014, Evita, Scenographer
Ljubljana Festival Slovenia
2014, Evita, Juan Peron
Kri┼żanke Theatre
Noam Galperin
2014, Evita, Assistant MD
Diana Hudson
Makeup Artist
2014, Evita, Wig and Make Up Supervisor
Becky Davis
Assistant Stage Manager
2014, Evita, Design Assistant and Assistant Stage Manager
Ljubljana Festival, Slovenia
2013, Hairspray the Musical, Harriman Spitzer / Mr Pinky / High School Principal
Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur and Esplanade Theatre, Singapore
Jason Denvir
Set Designer
2013, Hairspray, Scenography Associate
The Esplanade, Singapore & KLCC Malaysia
Leah Sams
Set Designer
2013, Hairspray, Design Assistant and ASM
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and Singapore's Esplanade

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