Brook Lapping Productions Ltd (Production Company)

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Brook Associates was founded in 1982, and merged with Brian Lapping Associates in 1997. The merged company is renowned for its landmark series on international politics like THE DEATH OF YUGOSLAVIA, ELUSIVE PEACE and IRAN & THE WEST and for definitive series on British political leaders including Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair. It has run Question Time for BBC1 and A Week in Politics for Channel 4.

In 2005, a consortium 70% owned by Brook Lapping won the contract to launch and run Teachers TV. In 2008, following a further competitive tender, this was extended by five years (and Brook Lapping’s share in the consortium raised to 75%). Fully funded by the government, Teachers TV is a digital television service with broadband website providing professional development programmes for the schools’ workforce. The television channel transmits on satellite and cable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with all programmes permanently available to stream and download at Several countries have asked the consortium to help them develop their own versions of Teachers TV.

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    • Brook Lapping Productions Limited
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