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‘Central Point’ is a drama placed in present day London. It looks at the behaviour of today’s society; what it is considered proper social behaviour and what isn’t. Utilising five principle actors and some special effects (animation, green screen, CGI, colour grading), the film is set in five locations that are easy accessible in the London area.

‘Central Point’ is divided into two worlds which are presented through the character’s actions, appearance and behaviour, in which it will be several diegeses. One diegesis is a surreal world of original sins where characters are associated with one or more of the sins, and then there is the real world where the characters interact with each other in everyday situations. The existence of both worlds is a reflection of how they and the characters cannot exist without each other in established society.

In the story, every character has a goal: get more power, control, benefits, sexual seduction and so on. Hence, they are placed in an environment where they need to destroy or smash each other in order to obtain their ambitions.

The aim of the film is to reflect on the society that we are living in, by using the original sins as example and base of what it is considered very wrong (almost taken to an extreme) but still happens in everyday situations (as part of social behaviour). A story full of old myths, representations, metaphors and imagination ends with a lesson for the audience: the future is made with our actions, no society or media has the right to tell us what to do or how to behave, we are the owners of our actions and responsible of its consequences.

The film contains political messages through advertisements and metaphors. The idea of the original sins is used as a popular concept to represent the manipulation of the mass on the past and people’s selfish behaviour in the present. The same concepts are used to mass control in the past and present but under different names: sins and pleasure. This is a film that criticises extremes and its consequences.

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2020, Online Fringe Festival 2020, Actor (multiple roles) / Writer
Tamsin Lynes
2019, There, Sophie
2019, Ice Cream Godfather, Don Cornettocone the Ice Cream Godfather
Hewlett House , Nine Elms, London SW8 4AS
2019, Girl In The Machine, Polly
Zack Hosseini
2016, The Fallout Shelter, Director
Zack Hosseini
2016, Sounds of Thunder, Director
Allie Reddington (Hunter)
Stage Assistant / Stagehand
2016, Cocktail Hour, Technician
Comedy Pub
2013, Central Point, Alice/Shadow (Co-Star)
Matthew Leutwyler
Writer / Director
2012, Spinning Plates, Producer
2012, Central Point, Meephos

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