Chalkfoot Theatre Arts (Theatre)

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Chalkfoot seeks to serve the people of south east England and beyond with creative experiences which entertain, engage and inspire.

Our company name reflects the part of the country in which we are based: the eastern tip of England, with its iconic white cliffs. This location is unique in many ways, with a diverse population which is currently facing many challenges.

Chalkfoot's broad experience, creative vision and commitment to excellence means it is ideally positioned to play a key role in the area’s cultural regeneration, forming strong and productive partnerships with a range of organisations and artists and developing new audiences.

The company is committed to touring non-theatre venues including village halls, schools and open air sites. In rural communities Chalkfoot's work has social, cultural and economic significance: through rural touring initiatives we aim to bring life to isolated communities and develop their cultural ambitions.

We recognise the transformational power of the arts and their potential to enrich the lives of people of all ages. We want to play our part by helping them to access their own creativity and find inspiration through the creativity of others.

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Alternative Company Names

  • Chalkfoot theatre company
  • Chalkfoot