Charlie Productions (Film Production Company)

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Charlie Productions is run by Ben and Chris Blaine so they can make films.

We weren't clutching super 8mm cameras in our tiny jam-stained hands before we could even toddle. Whilst it was apparently clear from the start that neither of us were cut out for a proper job, it wasn't until we were in our late teens that the idea of making a film first really occurred. Equally, one of the things that has probably kept us making films ever since is that the process is so diverse that it enables us to explore a wide range of creative disciplines. Our love of story telling, performance, computers, comedy, art, music, science, philosophy, history and sports all combine in what we think is the best job in the world.

The important thing about being brothers though, is that it's a collaboration that can't end after an argument. Or at least not the sort of argument that a pair of soft southern boys might have. The honesty that this gives us means its easier for us to see the good and the bad in an idea and, in a funny way, the creative ping pong between us enables a story to have a life of it's own, often ending up in places that neither of us would ever have expected. As the ideas get kicked around between us they become our story and long before we're on set we have a singular vision.

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