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We combine strategic insight, creativity and technology to deliver interactive events and screen media that bring company direction vividly to life.

We work with forward-looking organisations who want communication that informs and inspires.

Connected mandy members:

Natalie Chick
2015, Ernst & Young Corporate Film, Supporting Artist
Courtney Andrews
Camera Assistant
2014, The Paradox Series, Camera Assistant
Ryan Davies
2014, Alstom Health & Safety Video, Father
Susannah Ashfield
Voice Over: English
2013, Wizard of Oz, Dorothy/Judy Garland
2013, Online Advert, Dorothy/Judy Garland
Wise Buddah
2011, UBS Pass It on, The Bankers wife
Sokol Cahani
2011, Pass it on (UBS BANK), Cilent
Debra Pia Jones
Make-up Artist
2011, DOCET "Optometry & Ethnicity", Make-Up Artist
2010, Frozen Assets - Corporate film for Barclays Capital, Trader
Canary Wharf
Clive Woodward
Voice Over: English
2010, Frozen Assets, Trader
Debra Pia Jones
Make-up Artist
2010, DOCET "Flashes & Floters", Make-Up Artist
2010, Barclays Corporate, Barclay's Executive
2010, Barclays Capital conference film, Financial trader
Barclays Capital Canary Wharf
2010, Barclays Capital - Frozen Assets, The Executive Client
Debra Pia Jones
Make-up Artist
2010, Allen & Overy "The Fortune Teller", Make-Up Artist
Liz Jadav
2009, HMRC Teaser, Librarian
Debra Pia Jones
Make-up Artist
2009, Barclays Capital “The Magic Touch”, Make-Up Artist
2008, Rolls Royce Apprentice Scheme, Narrator
Alex Walker
2008, Ford Kuga DiTV, Lead Activist
2008, FORD Kuga, Female activist

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