Christchurch Studios (Production Studio)

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Walking on the studio floor, the first area is the Domestic area. A small semi-resonant area with a low ceiling and a pine and quarry tiled floor.

The live area is a double height 25ft square room, with a pine floor and the acoustic can be varied with reversible wall mounted panels.

A small isolation booth is situated off this space. It too has variable acoustics and can simulate a car interior, or isolate an instrument amp.

The live room leads in to a dead room 25ft by 16ft. It has an extremely dry sound that can be used for exterior scenes in drama production. A removable floor conceals a paved area and gravel pit. An acoustic trap is a feature on the right hand side of the room. Used for distance effects.

An extensive spot FX store is situated at the back.

The building has a cellar space and is wired for mics, cue send and cue lights throughout.

The control room is on the first floor. It has a small isolation booth and a view from the mixing desk that looks down into the live area.

On the second floor of the building is an additional postproduction studio with a small adjacent recording space.

Also on the second floor are two video edit suites, one running Final Cut Pro and the other Avid.

Table football can be played in the Green room.

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