Clockhouse Theatre Company

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The Clockhouse Theatre Company was established in 2006 by Maggie Edwards and Dave King and aims to make Shakespeare as enjoyable, engaging and as accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

The shows are a celebration of Shakespeare's works and of theatre in general. Small troupes of actors perform the shows in the company's signature style which utilises multi-role-playing, stylistic sets, comedy and storytelling. The performances are fast-paced, energetic and of such a style that the language can be enjoyed by any audience. While the running times of the shows are generally cut, nothing essential is taken away and the language of the play is treated with respect. In this way, The Clockhouse Theatre Company seeks to cater for those who already love Shakespeare as well as those audiences who would not normally attend a Shakespeare play.

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    Alternative Company Names

    • The Clockhouse Theatre Company
    • clockhouse theatre co.
    • Clockhouse Theatre Co
    • Clockhouse Theatre
    • Clockhouse TC