Colonel Blimp (Film and TV Production Company)

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Colonel Blimp is a music video production company. It was named in homage to the 1944 film "The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp" directed by Powell and Pressburger. In that film Roger Livesey plays a man who fights a duel and cuts his top lip so badly that he is forced to grow a large and unusual handlebar moustache which he keeps for the rest of his life.

Creating a memorable music video is much like growing an unusual moustache. It takes patience and nerve. During the early planning stages it may be difficult to perceive exactly what the finished 'tache' will look like. The growing period may be arduous, drawn out. The moustache's grower perhaps tempted by the easy clichés of fashion to compromise their original design.

But if he or she stays the course, remaining true to their vision, they will doubtless create something unique. While the finished 'moustache' may not be to everybody's taste it will stand out. It will entertain. It will provoke. It will inspire: a true original amid a tangled forest of more conventional styles.

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Alternative Company Names

  • Colonel Blimp Productions
  • Colonel Blimp Films